Sitting with discomfort

Yesterday, I intentionally stepped out of my comfort zone in several ways. Expressing personal things more publicly and committing to action. Which I delivered.

I was up for this. Especially as in giving thanks for the day ahead, I was open to all the possibilities that it might bring.

So what’s the problem?

Being out there, in a new way, feels exposed. None of it is wrong, but I might be judged and found wanting. Or uncover things about myself that feel awkward. That’s OK, but one thing in particular bothered me, and I am struggling to let it go…

It’s safer not to step out. But it’s not healthy. We can’t thrive and create the kind of difference we want to see if we stay inside.

So I am off to walk in the valley and ask myself the 5 (or 15) why’s… Why does this make me feel like this? Why is that?… Because I want to dig up the weeds, or at least know where to ask for help.

Sometimes we need to sit with the discomfort and let it do its work in us. Discovering grace and hope where we might not expect it.

Is anything niggling you?