Ripples of quietly disruptive wisdom

Two years ago, I started writing this blog. Each weekday committing to putting out a fresh piece, with a reflection at the weekend, that was real and not just theory. In real-time and not stacked in advance. The working notes of a journey, not a piece of work.

Over time we have grown together. And the rhythm of the day has become the rhythm of the season. Especially as I have shifted to using daily images from here in our little valley in South West Wales when we faced the isolation of the pandemic.

The world we are now in is so different than two years ago. We have changed, and what is important to us has shifted. Yes, things are still being sifted out. We have choices to make and consequences to face. We can’t suspend time while we sort out our next step.

Instead, we can look with fresh eyes, choosing the lenses we use, being conscious of how we listen and make sense and meaning of what we encounter—growing together.

On Sunday, our online church gathering started with a prayer from Lectio360, which seems appropriate as we pass this milestone:

Creator God, who formed us from dust, breathe in me again. Put a new song in my heart and grant me a new imagination to perceive fresh possibilities in your world today.

I so delight in creating these ripples of quietly disruptive wisdom.

Thanks for sharing the journey.