Ripples of light in the rhythm of time

The colours caught my eye as I walked through the gate at lake level.

So I looked up, expecting to see the source of the reflection in the sky.

No rainbow.

How could there be, with no cloud or rain falling?

Yet here it was on the lake’s surface, shifting location as I walked by.

This was a ripple of light at a singular point in time.

A present moment that would not be repeated.

These moments are awesome, and we have no words to capture what we experience.

A priceless gift.

And it caught the strands of consciousness about time that we’ve been touching recently, offering illumination.


Time is our basket of nows,
  the concertina of presents
  experienced as a thread,
  until it isn’t.

We cannot know the future
  and we shall not have the past;
  neither exists in this continuous
  point in time.

Yet here is concrete uncertainty,
  the whisps of everything
  held together with fragile hope
  in exquisitely beautiful
  living form.

Ripples of light
  in the rhythm
  of time.

~ Afterwards, I realised that this light show was created by a delicate algal bloom, which had become concentrated at the end of the lake by the wind. Droplets of water held in the altered surface tension that refracted the sunlight.