Ripples of blessing

When you drop a stone into water, how long do you watch the ripples spread?

And how far do you look at the impact of your words or actions?

For most of us, we probably don’t see the half of it. We don’t wait long enough.

We are impatient. If there isn’t an immediate, discernible effect then we assume what we have done or said is of no consequence.

How wrong can we be!

Just think how long it takes for the light waves captured by the Hubble Telescope to reach earth. Or the impact of a small act of disruption on a Montgomery bus in 1955… Or…

Let’s be intentional in our words and actions because their impact permeates far more than we will ever know. With a longer lasting effect than we could imagine, especially if we offer them generously, with open hands.

Go make beautiful ripples of blessing today.

PS if you want to explore this further take a look at the last chapter in John O’Donohue’s book, Benedictus – on the lost art of blessing. The section The Inestimable Power of Intention is mind and heart blowing.