Rewilding our lives

Such a lot has shifted over the last 18 months.

In our little valley in South West Wales, the balance of the natural environment has changed. Including how our non-human neighbours behave.

The alpacas are much more relaxed, and their herd behaviour demonstrates greater security.

The buzzards, swallows and rabbits are more evident, doing their natural thing, irrespective of our presence.

Our lives have changed, too. The rhythms are different, and the nature of our conversations are more profound and grounded.

In many senses, they are more radical, stripping aside what is no longer important.

How we view who we are and why we are here will never be the same.

Yet, it also feels less encumbered and more true to our essence. It has given us greater freedom to dance rather than march to another drum.

And yes, the valley has many, many more brambles than we’ve ever had before. They are rampant.

Anyone for blackberry jam?