Returning to the place of being you

Yesterday, several threads came together to weave into one of those amazing pictures that feel familiar while offering new dimensions.

‘Eventually, you need to start being you, and then – you need to get really good at it.’

+ Hugh MacLeod, Artistic Director and Lead Creative Writer, Gapingvoid

This was an insightful quote in a brilliant piece from my friend David Marlow, ‘The Ikigai Guy’.

Rather than diluting his words here, take time to read or listen to them on Substack: Sockdolager: Celebrating the exceptional creation of you. It will be worth every minute.

So what about the other threads?

One was Steve unearthing one of my old diaries in his search for something else in an inaccessible outbuilding.

I repurposed my 2012 diary for a notebook to record my starting journey with felt-making in 2013. And in the rear pocket was a bookmark I created when I came across another quote, this time from Rob Bell, which has become a lifelong prayer:

May your whole life be a prayer.
And may you be honest with God as you become
more and more open to your role in the ongoing
creation of the world.

+ Rob Bell, from Nooma: OPEN

And what was I doing yesterday?

Creating a beautiful piece of silk and alpaca cloth by developing an innovative wet-felting technique with fibre from Nona, one of our gorgeous girls.

Where are you on your journey back to the fruitfulness of being uniquely you?

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿