Reflections on the pause before saying yes

Can you remember the last time you said ‘yes’?

Not the everyday sort of yes, but the big and beautiful yes that changed the course of your work and life?

At the beginning of The Creatives Workshop two years ago, I wrote this poem…


The pause before we say yes is exquisite.
It needs to be there to frame the space we are now entering,
the lapsed moment that shows this is intentional.
We can trust our yes.

The pause before you say yes is powerful.
I know the decision is important,
it carries meaning I only glimpse in shadow form,
yet, I can hear your voice getting stronger.

The pause before I say yes is personal.
It is my choosing to be vulnerable to myself
and not turn away,
or cover up with clever words and close the lid.

So I pause, savour the moment and enjoy the company.
Knowing that this day is different.

The image I used with these words is the same photo we used on the cover of my book, Quiet Disruptors: Creating Change Without Shouting.

All our yesses bear fruit.

What do you want yours to be?