Receiving gifts wrapped in good words

This week has been a feast.

A feast of words shared amongst friends.

Savoured and supped with delight.

These are not words just thrown together and slapped on a plate.

But words chosen with care, selected for their particular flavour and nuance, to fit the moment with grace.

Words to listen to and sit with, allowing them to change us from the inside out.

So, thank you for sharing your words.

Seeding beautiful words
is an act of radical hope
that words make worlds.

What words have you received as a gift this week?

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

This week

A few good words

I am so grateful for the kind words of encouragement about my new podcast, Be More Poet. It still feels like early days, but if you have enjoyed it and can share it more widely, that would be wonderful!

It is settling into a fortnightly rhythm, and episode 4, Softly Walking on the Edge, will be out this Friday. You can find Be More Poet on all the leading podcasting platforms and my website: 🌿