Quiet disruptors – listen for the new voices

When we stop to listen, we find new voices are emergingā€”those with the courage to speak about things that matter, without shouting.

Voices that are curious about how and why things are, who ask questions that lay bare the status quo. Insights that arise from a breadth of perspective and enable us to see differently.

The creative voices giving rise to fresh expressions that engage and take our breath away and leave us facing a different direction. Or words that explode our perceptions and storytelling that connects us with our world at a deeper level.

Or the voices that make courageous connections and change our culture. Who join the dots and cultivate hope that we can make better choices and build a better world, wherever we are.

These are the new change-makers.

Can you hear them?


This post is a snapshot of the second part of my new book Quiet Disruptors: Creating Change Without Shouting available on Amazon. Special thanks to Bernadette Jiwa, David and Clare Hieatt, and Seth Godin whose voices thread through the text and inspire many lives, mine included.