Quiet disruptors – a timely paradox

For most of us, this is the most significant upheaval we’ve ever been through. However, I’d suggest that this time of change and chaos has an underlying tectonic shift, one that’s now gathering pace.

There are many indications that this is the birth of the post-modern, post-industrial era. And the thing with births is that they’re messy.

Or to view it the other way, these are the death throes of the old order–however you want to label it.

In this liminal space, where we are letting go of one and stepping into another, we see things differently. Lines become blurred, polarities merge, and apparent contradictions become normal.

Quiet disruption is one such timely paradox as people who are both quiet and disruptive are becoming more visible. They are not waiting to be asked.

And the qualities they bring are the ones we need now–in this emerging world where linear thinking, command and control, and individual superheroes are no longer fit for purpose.

Because the world is changing, and we need conversations that matter and creative solutions that serve us well for the long haul, not just a short return.

Think about it…

Are you a quiet disruptor?


This is a snapshot of the first part of my new book Quiet Disruptors: Creating Change Without Shouting. Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon. Appreciation to my friend Katia Lord for the beautiful cover design.