Press pause – an invitation to be still

Why do we think we have to earn the right to be still? As if pausing is a reward when it’s a basic human need.

Like breathing.

We are not complete, not whole if we don’t know how to rest.

And especially as we navigate this transition space into the unknown, we need to know stillness.

Because all other answers are inadequate.


Here is a beautifully crafted invitation from Gideon Heugh from his new book of poems, Rumours of Light.

Let’s sit with it for a while.


Be still,
for that is where life removes its veil,
offering a tender grace
that will ease you away
from the cold chains of doing.

Be still, for only in shedding
your dead skin of busyness
can you find what it is to be free –
which is un-evaluated time,
which is gratitude
for the soft arms of existence,
that despite squeezing too tight now and then
will nonetheless hold you

until the time comes to let you go,
allowing you to dwell in that greater stillness ­–
the loving silence of the unknown.