Our work is never singular

A number of us do most of our work solo. And even if you’re in a team, much of what you do originates inside your mind.

It feels like what we create is the product of our own thoughts and perceptions. The skills we have developed and how we have chosen to put them together, especially in this world of remote working and individual creativity.

However, this is only the snap-shot of the final production. It doesn’t display the threads of ideas, insights, connections and conversations that have shaped where we are today.

Without these, we would be nothing—an anaemic version of ourselves.

Because our best work is never just about us, it is the fruit of all we have encountered in person, experience and word that has fed and sharpened us over the years.

So developing our voice is as much about what we intentionally take in as what we courageously give out.

How is your diet going?