Only today is this day

We only have this day once.

And at the end of a week, which has felt stretched, I am reminded of the need for rest.

Not withdrawal from the world, but stepping aside from its immediate demands. So that this season of watching and waiting, preparing and giving, endings and beginnings, can have our attention.

But not all of us, all the time until we are spent.

My friend, Elaine Thompson from New Zealand, recently shared Gideon Heugh’s beautiful sabbath poem.

It would be good to sit with it today.


This day doesn’t need
your achievement.
The earth has had enough
of performance and endeavour.

What life requires now
is the measured breaths
of the unhurried;
the close attention
of the quiet
and the still;
the gentleness that comes
from being content
with what you have.

+ Gideon Heugh, from Rumours of Light, 2021

In the busyness and demands of this time, we also need to seek out the still spaces that refill our souls for the days ahead.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

This week

A few good words

Two kinds of words this week:

  • Your words in audio – Steve has just opened bookings for the next cohort of The Podcasting Workshop starting on 15th January 2024. This is a small group workshop (15-30 max) with intensive practical support to publish your first episode by the end of the programme. My subscribers can use code SUEH150 to access the reduced rate of $300 ($450 full price).
  • Presence Advent: The Arrival – Andy Hunter drew in Chris Matthews and me to create five videos, blending music, poetry and imagery for Advent. The first was published last week, Coming, but not yet. And the second, Unhurried God with words from Chris, is available now.