On walking

Are we making the road by walking – or are we expecting people to come to us?

‘There is no path… the road is made by walking…’ Antonio Machado, Spanish poet (1875-1939)

I was also reminded of a beautiful poem by Gerard Kelly in Spoken Worship, published by Zondervan in 2007  – which seems timely today:

This Grace

This grace we have been given is enough.
When the mountains set before us
won’t move by faith
until by faith we start to climb,
it is enough.
When our cry for heaven’s miracles
rings hollow,
like a doorbell howling through an empty house,
it is enough.

When from our waiting rooms of weakness
we say yes
to pressing on,
it is enough.
When we have reached the end of our energies
and face the end of ourselves
but can’t yet see the end of our task,
it is enough.

to know that you have loved us.
that we are called before all time.
that every fingerprint is valued.
that you remember every name.

So we will embrace this grace
and turn our hearts to face grace.
Loosening the locks
on our personal space,
we’ll make each home a place of grace.
We’ll drink from your wells
‘til we’re wasted on grace;
we’ll speak our your words
‘til our tongues taste of grace.
And we’ll live to love your laws
until our lives are laced with grace.

Down dark and dingy alleys
we will chase grace.
We will hold as something precious every trace of grace.
We will celebrate and consecrate this grace,
because this grace we have been given
is enough.

Gerard Kelly, 2007


geesePS – our geese… the parents returned for a brief visit this morning after a several month break. Lovely timing!