On seeing from the other way

Yesterday I did the alpaca rounds in reverse, and in the afternoon rather than the morning.

Cast in another light and from the opposite direction, the green paths appeared so different

And I wondered what else might change if we came to it from the other way around.

For example, our stories of challenge, hardship or loss might be recast as courage and passion. Of creatively finding a way through, where the pains of our journey are redeemed by the way we walked.

Yet this isn’t about putting a positive spin on everything, but having the humility to see ourselves as others experience us.

And live up to who we are becoming with grace.

This is you, and I celebrate who you are.

~ Oh yes, I can say this because the kind of people who read these little daily pauses aren’t those who have over-inflated egos. Indeed, I suspect you could do with a little more, not less, confidence!