On developing our inner knowing of time

I’ve loved the exchange of stories and insights that this week’s thread on ‘waiting’ has provoked.

My Irish farmer friend, Ciarán Duggan, sent me this:

I used to wear a watch and found it was needed, then something went wrong with it and found that it wasn’t required!

As I rely on my internal sense of time, it becomes better, more accurate and trustworthy. 

The external time measurement devices have helped train my trust in just knowing.

I also remembered how my watch stopped the day I left my last NHS chief exec role years ago. I paid attention, took the prompt and left it off for two months because I needed the re-set…

How might you benefit from a re-set?

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

~ Moving through the colour spectrum of Spring – it’s time for the blues and purples to start appearing…