On becoming…

Pererin is a lovely Welsh word – one of the few that most of us can pronounce easily. It means pilgrim. I love that sense of journey with a purpose.

And for most of us, today is a milestone in our journey through the year. Longer or shorter days start from here, depending on whether you are in the north or south of the globe. Something shifts and expectations change.

So we are all on a journey. We can’t stop the passing of time or hold on to who we were – last month, last year. But we can more intentionally embrace who we are becoming and give ourselves and each other more generous space to grow. Marking the milestones with gratitude and grace.

After the weekend I am shifting into pause mode until the New Year. I suspect we all have more than enough to digest over the coming days and therefore I will simply post daily pause points, with pictures from The Waterside accompanied by simple words… space to reflect on who we are becoming and prepare for the next season in our lives.