No hiding – find the others

I walk with a limp. Not physically, but metaphorically. Damaged yet not defined.

Actually we’re all shaped by what has happened to us. We can choose to acknowledge and embrace this. No longer having to run away and hide.

Therefore, finding the others is not just about being understood, it’s about understanding. Because in our incompleteness, we can be made complete. Together.

Today most of us stand in our place of safety with our windows opening on the world, not just our neighbourhood.

It’s the opportunity to find the others, those with the same heartbeat. Who care about the same things. To explore what we can offer and how we can emerge, collectively, into a better world.

And celebrating who we are. Together.

Go find the others and stop hiding.

Helpful notes for such a time as this…

  • Steve and I are part of the online Akimbo ‘tribe’ – I am currently doing The Creative’s Workshop and Steve is the head coach for The Podcasting Fellowship – which has enlarged our world massively. In response to the current situation, Seth Godin has just opened up a public co-working space within Akimbo for anyone to not be isolated and find the others… Do go and look!
  • Our artist friend Alastair Duncan is multi-faceted – which we delight in – and one of these expressions is StillWalks. These are beautiful still photographs combined with the soundtrack of the walk – that really does bring the outside in. He posts consistently every week and you can find out more on his website StillWalks