Naming the years

Today is the first Friday of the month, and the year.

So we are taking the opportunity at our regular First Fridays at The Waterside to have a conversation over lunch on naming the years.

For over a decade, I have made it my practice to hold a word or phrase for the year. Letting it shape my expectations and hold me to account. For me, it’s much better than a New Year’s resolution and often I find that words seek me out, rather than I go hunting for them…

At this point of new beginnings, it might be helpful to more intentionally frame our reflections and expectations.

Do you have names?

You are welcome to join us for our conversation either physically or remotely. If the latter, do let me know what you discover. I’d love to hear.

PS I have written about my 2018 word – Kindness – in my personal blog SueWaterside