Listening to the song of this place

Have we ever stopped to wonder if the place where we are has a song?

Usually, we think it is all about the present when today is merely one note in a melody that came before and will outlive us.

How can we become attuned to this song?


Will I pause to listen
for the song of this place,
instead of simply  
absorbing surface noise.

How do I hear voices
singing a different melody,
or catch the intricacies
of unfamiliar harmonies.

Can I feel the heartbeat
of the rhythms and
the soul of this place
I am called to make home.

+ Sue Heatherington

I sense that now is the time to listen more deeply.

And that takes being present.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

~ I carried this thought over the weekend in response to the close of Steve Garnaas-Holmes’ poem, Your Part, which I quoted in ‘Your part in new beginnings’.