Life is being beautifully formed

Is it that time already?

Clumps of early daffodils stake their claim to the path’s edge, as they always do.

Yet I am always surprised by their appearance.

And astonished that everything necessary for their flowering is there in the bulb.

Just waiting to emerge.


Autumn receives
the yielding.
Cradling the
soft tissue of
life, and gently
laying down
the hope of
to be held in
winter’s embrace.

Not forever.

But for a season,
a time of shaping
new life.
Encasing being
in earth’s womb,
giving edge
to its emergence,
and wholeness
to its formation.

Here now.

Life is being
formed in us.

This week

A mixture of noticing and poetic reflection. I hope it provided space for you to breathe.