Learning to go gently

Go gently. Isn’t this a beautiful phrase?

I first encountered it a while ago from Jane, an Australian friend then living in Wales.

It resonates with a phrase I heard for the first time yesterday: “When you speak a word the sound never stops”, attributed to a Native American elder by Paula D’Arcy, and quoted by Euan Mackenzie.

And looking at where we are in the world right now, this feels like a wise invitation.  


Go gently,
the people you encounter today
are worthy of love.

Go gently,
and choose your words with care
because the sound never stops.

Go gently,
as you might be treading on dreams,
both yours and mine.

Go gently,
we are sojourners in a living world
which isn’t ours to own.

Go gently,
as you are not a resource to be used,
you are a human being.

Go gently, my friend,
go gently.

+ Sue Heatherington

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

~ In the long grass, the clover can easily be trampled upon. I noticed this flower just after a rather large bee had visited it.