Knowing what matters is a gift

In a world of hollow noise and superficial reaction, knowing what matters to us is a gift.

Yet so often, we’ve settled for something less.

Perhaps it’s been what pleases others, makes us look good or avoids our fears.

Yet on those occasions when all else is stripped away, and we see clearly what matters to us, we know it is real.

And in these days of transition, it is more important than ever to recognise these insights as a gift.

We cannot know the future, but we can choose what guides us forward.

And while we may not know our contribution’s impact, we can choose how to walk. With what matters as our compass.


Let’s hush the noise,
turn down the echoes
and invite the
gentleness of grace
and the quietness
of compassion
to say a few words.

+ Sue Heatherington

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿