Keeping vigil in a midweek pause for peace

Last week, Steve Garnaas-Holmes published a profoundly beautiful poem, Vigil, which seems appropriate for our midweek pause today.


As darkness descends
you hold your candle,
your frail light,
but it is not little.
It is the flame of “Let there be light,”
the big bang of hope.
Your light orbits through the darkness
with all the other stars
in a great galaxy of compassion.
You say your quiet prayer, 
a few words uttered on the wind,
but they are not small,
these words spun of a thread of love,
a hardy strand that runs from heart to heart
in a massive web of mercy.
You offer up your heart
but it is not your heart,
it is God’s, beating in you,
it is God’s light shining in you, 
God’s hope echoing through you,
God’s prayer sustaining the world. 
Keep vigil with courage and confidence,
for God keeps vigil in you.
In us, in the hopeful and the helpless,
in the traumatized and terrorized,
in all of life
God keeps vigil.

+ Steve Garnaas-Holmes, Unfolding Light, 18th October 2023

Let us carry peace with us as we enter the day.

#Pause4Peace 🌿