Keep opening the (grace) gifts!

Christmas is long gone. The gifts we gave and were given have been used, put away, or recycled. Everything is boxed up for another year.

We stepped out, across the threshold, into a new beginning. We’ve taken a few steps. Maybe run a little, and maybe faltered and feel a bit exposed.

That’s how I felt this morning. Still excited but a little overwhelmed.

Out walking the dog, I recognised my normal reaction. Just push through. But then chose to reflect on the gifts I need for this new environment and those I had already been given.

Things like the talk I’m doing next week on new beginnings – seeds, weeds and water – that will help me structure my thinking. The amazing communities I’m part of, who offer the encouragement, challenge and companionship I need if I am open to receiving.

Then there is a wealth of wisdom, including new books that have just been published. Bernadette Jiwa’s The Right Story – a brief guide to changing the world came out on Wednesday and it’s already helping me to re-see my path. Or Mark Dyke’s new blog that makes me smile and encourages me along the way.

More practical gifts like remembering Pomodoros – a simple method of chunking up time so that I don’t get overwhelmed. And that drinking water is great. As is stopping to see the view, which feeds my soul. And poetry.

And more. And more.

So what gifts do you need for where you are right now? Take a look, maybe you have more than you realise.