It’s an alpaca!

We are having a full-on alpaca day today. It’s our first open day of the year with 160 booked in.

I love alpacas. I love their character and personalities. They are such individuals, even though they are at their healthiest and happiest when they’re with the whole herd (but distinctly doing their own thing, just in case you made the mistake of thinking they are all alike…)

They are quietly inquisitive and know everything that’s going on. But don’t get too close or move too fast. They’ll give you their trust – when you’ve proved yourself worthy.

They get bored and need stimulation. That’s why they love our valley – there are certainly no standard, flat green fields! And when we are here on our own they have the full run of the lakeside and woods. Alpaca heaven.

So why talk about them on a Quiet Disruptors blog?

They help me pause, slow down and notice things I’d otherwise just pass by.

Their quiet calm is contagious. I shake off the cares of the world around them. Indeed time stands still in their presence.

They make me smile. And in doing so they light me up from the inside.

Their instinctual care for each other challenges me. The way they look out for each other and provide mutual cria-sitting services is astonishing. Yes, they do have ‘best friends’.

Their beauty and grace never cease to amaze me. And inspires me to seek after loveliness.

And they are so funny. With their quirky characters, some especially…

The drawing is Steve’s – my lovely alpaca shepherd husband. If you want to hear more from him tune into his podcast: Alpaca Tribe… He’s certainly found his voice and it’s brilliant!