Is wisdom an ‘age’ thing?

Whilst people who are older should have the benefit of hindsight. Wisdom learnt through reflecting on life’s experience…

… Where are they?

We seem to have more arrogance of age, when we need the voice of humility and grace. Of true leadership founded on self-less judgements in the face of huge challenges.

… Yet we are hearing it. In the voices of people who are younger. On climate change and Brexit. On honouring difference and caring for the weak. Of leadership that steps into the gap, rather than simply pointing a finger.

Wisdom is not about the right answer, with the details in place. It’s a way of being in the world that overspills into our words and actions.

It’s about asking good questions and being prepared to be the answer.

And that can get better as we encounter more of life and learn from it. Walking between extremes.