Is hope seeing without sight?

Walking up to feed the boys yesterday, I experienced hope.

Firstly, that the boys would be there…

The tree foliage is now so dense that swathes of the hillside are obscured from the farmhouse.

But they haven’t turned up for food since Saturday, so I expect they are hungry.

The second was noticing a discarded piece of fern on the path, with the underside showing. The patches are the sori, the clusters of sporangia you don’t usually see.

These are the holders of fruitfulness—the spores of future ferns.

It reminded me that right here in the valley, the genesis of new life is forming, even if we can’t see it. Yet.

That is hope.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

~ and yes, the boys were there, ready and waiting, though they didn’t get the botany lesson.