Invitation to explore a different way of seeing

I love seeing through other people’s eyes.

In particular, the Ps: photography, poetry and the poetic.

Therefore, I appreciate the generosity of skilled photographers and poets who have lent me their sight. 

Both invite me to places I might not go. To witness things both externally and within myself that enrich and challenge me.

That speaks to my soul, not just my mind.

Both take me deeper and into places I otherwise wouldn’t see. Not necessarily the hidden or unusual, because their way of seeing the everyday is different.

To do this, they also develop and cultivate the practice of seeing differently.

Their invitation makes this way of seeing accessible. And I am grateful.

Yesterday, I launched my new podcast, Be More Poet, because I wanted to explore this different way of seeing and enable others to engage with it, too.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

~ You can find Be More Poet wherever you listen to podcasts, or on the Be More Poet page.