In these days

The days draw us to this day and asks if we are ready?


I wonder why you brought me
to these splintering days,
this age of earth-death
and default extinction
and the smothering of constellations,

nostalgia claws at me
screaming send me back,

then I sense a fire that doesn’t consume,
a cloud of breath-taking holiness
passing across the face of a mountain
and it says

I put you here to see,
to see and hear and feel
the agony,
I needed someone whose heart would break,
who would fall to their knees
send me.

Gideon Heugh, from Devastating Beauty

A voice for our time, knowing when to be quiet and sit in the shadows – accompanying those who mourn – yet, is also prepared to learn the new song that the world is waiting to hear.

Are we ready?

This day – 11th September 2021.