Hopeful expectations

Or perhaps this should be helpful expectations…

That’s the thing about how we look at the world.

Because how we frame our expectations makes a huge difference.

Especially now.

Here are wise words from someone who is an expert in being confined – and still remaining hopeful – the astronaut Anne McClain.

Reminder that stress happens when expectations aren’t in line with reality. When we can’t change reality, it’s best to focus on our expectations.

Expect to do things differently.

Expect to need to adapt.

Expect to be out of your comfort zone.

Expect to put others first.

Anne McClain on Twitter 17th March 2020

It starts with a pause.

A moment to catch our breath, and step across a different threshold.


Thanks to Brian Draper for the prompt in his Lent 2020 e-mail series: Wilder-ness.