Holding space for the unknown

Yesterday, following my usual path and deep in thought, I started to cross the footbridge.

Only then did I realise an unusual bird was perching on the handrail.

But here’s the thing: it didn’t fly off at my approach.

Sometimes, the visiting grey heron will pause there and fly away before I am near.

Not this bird.

Instead, it shuffled its amber-coloured webbed feet and kept looking around.

It was clearly disorientated. And it looked rather ragged.

Stepping back, I observed it for a while before it opened its large, graceful grey-white wings and skimmed the lake’s surface.

Settling at the far end, it clearly couldn’t get enough height to exit the valley.

But what was it?

Goose-sized, I couldn’t find it in any of our bird books.

Yet it had returned to its safe perch by late afternoon, clearly settling in for the night.

It made me wonder, do we have space for the unknown?

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿