Here in the darkness – here is hope

Standing quietly at the end of the lake, watching the water move in the closing darkness, is not the place for bright inspiration.

Instead, it draws me into a deeper appreciation of being alive. Here and now, in this place.


At this time of year
in this darkening light
where is hope found?

In the swirls and ripples,
as they catch the remaining
rays in the dusk.

In the wind, as it sings its song
through the trees and rushes,
never knowing the words –

yet inviting me to be here
as darkness descends
and night takes its hold.

In the deep stillness of this time
where each is at rest in its place,
here is where hope is found.

+ Sue Heatherington

Walking gently with those for whom the bright lights and busy anticipation of Christmas is not an easy time.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿