Grace in the unexpected…

When things don’t go as planned, it can leave a hole with a question mark in the middle.

What did I miss or do wrong?

Yet that is just a framing, a way of seeing…

This week hasn’t panned out as we anticipated.

Steve had throat surgery on Monday. The clinical team were excellent; we’d been waiting for this for a while.

Yet the op was slightly more challenging than they’d thought. So instead of a few hours of recovery and he’s out, at the time of writing (Friday morning), he’s still in the hospital. Comfortable, but not going anywhere soon…

And all around, we are being showered with grace.

Love expressed through others and little opportunities to sit and know we are being cared for, even in uncertainty.

So what might we do in the unexpected?

Open our hands to receive.

Pause. See differently. Re-story…

~ we don’t usually see the underside of luscious leaves with raindrops, but this is not a usual summer… and, here on Friday evening, I am off to collect Steve.

This week

A collection of thoughts around how we see things gathered on the hoof… Including a poem, Love’s Call on Monday, which has accompanied me through the week.

A few good words

There hasn’t been much space for reading and listening this week, but I did finish David Brook’s book How to Know a Person: The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Seen Deeply from Allen Lane. It was such a rich and rewarding read that I almost didn’t want it to end.

This is a beautiful book, and David is a brilliant guide to help you if relationships and human connection matter to you. It has been my book of the year.