Gathering around the table

I love the practice of gathering.

Not meetings and talking for the sake of it, but drawing together with people I want to know more. Those who inspire me, whose vision excites me.

To exercise my curiosity about what makes them tick. To understand how they see the world and what has shaped them and their desire for change.

And to hear their stories, their tales of places and people I will never know but can experience through them.

Where’s the best place to do this?

Around the table, with food, of course.

Though in the meantime we can be creative with the constraints.

Who would you invite?

~ Appreciation for Stephen St. Amant’s Savenwood blog and Tim Leberecht’s The Business Romantics for reminding me how much I love hosting gatherings; and to Coaltown Coffee’s Roastery in Ammanford, location of a special lunch in 2019.