For those who have ears to hear

An everyday story from the valley to end the week.

The other day, I was climbing up the boy’s hillside to find the ewe and large lamb we’d seen the day before. And also work out how they got in…

… when I heard a large sigh from behind a gorse bush, too big a breath for a sheep.

I was met by a group of Welsh Cobs and an open gate far behind them. And you don’t mess with semi-wild Welsh horses…

Speaking softly in my ‘come on, you lovely alpacas’ voice, I managed to circle them. But they were too interested in me – especially the foal – to turn back and head towards the gate.

Being present without looking directly at them, held them without causing a stampede. And while we took small steps towards the gate, I could never do this alone.

Until Hywel started his magnificent alpaca alarm cry.

This was time to leave…

Though I didn’t find the sheep.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿