For radical rootedness, less is more

I am continuing to muse on unfurling while also sensing we’re in a season of asking big questions…


It’s hard to let go
of things that have
defined us,
of identities
we’ve answered to
for so long.

This is me you’re talking about,
the only me I know…

But what if there’s
more of the real us
waiting to emerge,
yet without the
space to grow.

This is me you’re talking about,
the only me they know…

And what if –
digging beneath cliché –
the best is yet to come.
And there are people
waiting for us,
because we’re part
of their becoming.

In unfurling possibilities
of all that might be,
keep us grounded
in the radical roots
of our true identity.

And give us close friends,
brave space and
deep courage to
actively let go,
because less
is so much more.

+ Sue Heatherington

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿