For everything, there is a time

Sometimes we sit
with our hands open –
resting into the chair,
knowing there’s nothing more
we can do,
but be at peace,
and see what falls
into our laps.

This isn’t resignation,
or fatalism.
It’s the place
we come to when
our job is to
be at rest.
Not trying to make
things happen, but
come with appreciative
expectation for the
possibilities awaiting.

For all that has been –
and for all that is to come –

(With a nod to the writer of Ecclesiastes and Dag Hammarskjöld)


Over the weekend, I discovered the thoughts I had tentatively put out as Exploring the potential for regenerative conversations had themselves generated a conversation.

Sometimes we need to ‘get out of our own way’ and not assume that things can only happen because we make them.

Perhaps this is regenerative conversations in action.

I hope so.