Finding our joy again

I’ve been waiting a few weeks until it felt autumn enough to share Gideon Heugh’s playful poem from Devastating Beauty.

And from here in the valley, I think the time is now:


Leaves make their golden turn
then in cooler air
waltz to the damp ground
and in sweet-scented crowd
make happiness
for wellington boots.

Maybe not all of us have puddles or wellies (gumboots), but we do have places to rediscover our joy.

That is, if we permit ourselves, without worrying about what we look like or expecting others to find it for us.

This also reminds me of a piece I wrote for the Encouragement Manifesto for the delightful pair that are Feasts & Fables, Barrie and Jo-Jo Thompson.

Where is your Happy Dance?

Rather than reproducing it here, instead I’d love you to go and see it on their website – link above – and maybe sign up for their sumptuous feast of a weekly newsletter. And browse through some of the other gorgeous pieces that you will find there.

Have fun and share some joy.