Feasting on colours and so much more

Bramble leaves are the first to change colour.

I love the richness of the hue. It makes up for the months of being snagged by thorns!

And here, in mid-September, we seem to be coming into an abundance.

Yes, the glut of blackberries, many left for the birds and alpacas to munch. And the arrival of the last alpaca cria – a month after its due date – when we’d given up hope.

However, the abundance I’m thinking about here is the emergence of words and conversations. Perspectives that are bringing the new landscape we are entering to life.

Things that had been quietly growing in the hidden places. Or laying dormant, waiting for the right time to emerge.

And instead of being self-serving, there’s an emergence of generosity and reciprocity. What can be shared?

This is where the colours come to life.

These are not the dismal hues of the industrial wasteland or the metallic rachet of scale, productivity and growth at all costs.

But the vibrance of people coming into their own and using their voice.

One of these is Suzanne Simard, and I hope you might gift yourself the pleasure of listening to her conversation with Krista Tippett. Find it on the On Being Podcast: Forests are wired for wisdom

Enjoy and put on your dancing shoes.

Now is the time of harvest.