Enjoy the journey…

Too often, we are fixated on the destination.

It’s all about getting there. As if ‘there’ confers something that we can’t have ‘here’.

Yet living in the valley, surrounded by the natural world, I realise that clinging to a sense of destination is rather pointless.

Yes, we’re looking forward to the alpaca cria (babies) arrival over the next month. But this is simply part of the cycle of life and death.

And in reality, we’re here for a relatively small slither of space and time in this amazing place.

Instead, our choice is about how we will live this day and what we will pay attention to here and now.

Being fully present, rather than living in deferred hope, and with joy exercising our capacity for movement.

One step at a time.

Direction, rather than destination.

Even if I do miss the dog…