Don’t settle

It’s good to feel satisfied that we’ve survived. That we managed to arrive – despite the obstacles – wherever here is for us.

Yes, we should take a moment to be grateful. To appreciate the view.

But let’s not settle.

It’s also easy to pause, to stop pushing forward. Especially when we’re tired and well spent. To look at the challenges ahead and judge them to be insurmountable.

That it’s safer to stop here than risk losing it all with an ask that is just too big.

But please don’t settle.

There is a world out there, holding its breath in anticipation, waiting for you and for me.

For us to be all that we can be. Because no one else can take our place.

To become the change we want to see. Step by tentative step.

To own our view of how things could be. And use our voice, find the others, and make a difference. Together.

So let’s not settle. Perhaps we are the ones we have been waiting for…

Welcome to 2020.