Do the little things

The world is full of big gestures and many words. Desperate for clever solutions to complex problems that will shape-shift in unpredictable ways.

Walking around the valley this morning I looked to see how nature is responding…

The tips of bluebell shoots pushing their way to the surface as sunlight graces the woodland floor for longer in the day.

The way the pairs of Canada Geese have returned to the lake. This year joined by Goosanders. Playing out their mating dance (noisily) and searching for the best place to nest.

And I’m reminded that we need to give attention to the little things.

Noticing, listening, seeing and hearing.

Perhaps we need not offer many words when a smile is a far more powerful point of connection.

Simple and short expressions of wisdom may be better than the eloquence of cleverness.

All this comes from our being still enough to see the little things. And have the courage to do them, often in vulnerability.

1st March was Saint David’s day here in Wales. His encouragement to his followers was to “Do the little things as you have seen me do”