Different ways to look at questions

When we ask significant questions, we implicitly recognise that there might be a different way of seeing.

And an alternative view of what we think we see implies the possibility of change.

OK, so far.

But what about fractals?

Maybe the big questions we might grapple with are patterns that replicate elsewhere and at a different scale.

For example, our question might be local – to us and our immediate environment – yet it might echo a question that needs to be asked elsewhere and on a bigger scale.

Who am I? Why am I here? And What happens when I let go? are all good examples.

Perhaps when we dance with questions, it would be helpful to realise that we are not alone in asking.

~ Another prompt to gift yourself the time to listen to the great conversation between adrienne maree brown and Krista Tippett for the On Being Podcast. ‘We are in a time of new suns’