Delighting in the moments of becoming

Becoming is not a process,
it’s a practice of life.

These last lines of The Great Unfurling were brought to life yesterday when I paused to peer through the trees towards the lake. In a rare moment of sunshine…

This is a place I often pause, and familiarity heightens our perception of difference.


The green buds of the silver birch were giving their response to the rising temperatures and the sun’s rays.


We are fleeting,
but we are not alone.

All creation joins us
on this journey of life,
made up of little nows
that string together
across time and place.

Here, in this moment,
we are in company.

+ Sue Heatherington

Hoping you increasingly find delight in your gaze.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

This week

Following the thread of waiting and watching in the company of others. Thank you.

A few good words

It’s confession time. I was a little obsessed with exploring the word ‘waiting’ this week because I knew it was an essential aspect of my next Be More Poet podcast, published yesterday.

I explore how the sense of place shapes what we see, particularly the characteristics the valley shares with other pockets of temperate rainforests on the western flanks of Britain. How spring emerges here is distinctive and speaks to our lives’ transitions.

Be More Poet: exploring a different way of seeing. Find episode 3: Spring – The Great Unfurling wherever you listen to podcasts or on my website.

Enjoy 🌿