Delighting in the display of life loving life

After the hazel have spilled their tumbling catkins in an early fanfare, the willows are next in line.

Little lightly tinged soft buds, like delicately formed puffs of cotton wool, venture out from stern branches.

Almost a little surprised to have arrived.

Just a few. At first.


Life cannot help
but birth life.    
unfolding, and
open to
new beginnings.
Life loves life.

+ Sue Heatherington

Welcome to spring.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

This week

Love, life and being grateful for the gift of an extra, liminal day.

A few good words

Yesterday, I came across this glorious poem from Chris Matthews. Chris is my lovely friend who re-introduced me to poetry some years ago and is the first guest on my new podcast, Be More Poet, which is launching before Easter.


A tender touch,
Gently holding,
Carefully cradling
A broken heart;
And hope stirs.

A resonant stillness,
Resoundingly hushed,
Wordlessly sheltering
Wounded souls;
And hope awakens.

A hand of blessing,
Generously offered,
Freely welcoming
Outsiders in;
And hope breathes.

A compelling melody,
Intricately weaving,
Gracefully awakening
Silenced voices;
And hope sings.

+ Chris Matthews