Cultivating rich words of blessing – for everyday

‘May goodness find you in 2022…’

These were the words of a blessing offered to the writer and poet Martin Wroe as he walked out of the coffee shop, warm mug in hand.

It prompted an extended reflection which he shared on BBC Radio 4’s Thought For The Day, and an edited piece he published on Medium:

‘More life into a time without boundaries.’

And it has watered me during this week. Reminding me that the ancient notion of blessing isn’t just for religious events or sacred moments.

If I am being regenerative – my phrase for the year – then I need to cultivate more words of blessing for everyday use.

How wonderful!

It feels like coming home.

Thanks, Martin.

~ And thanks, Paul Stanley, for digging up and sharing this treasure. We are all enriched.

PS. The Lost Words Blessing video (Robert McFarlane and friends) is embedded in Martin’s piece on Medium. If you haven’t seen it already – gift yourself a blessing…