Come alive!

Today is the first Friday of August in the year 2019.

This day will never come again.

So what are you going to do today that tomorrow will be too late for?

As a somewhat louder-than-usual nudge (for me) here is the opening of James Victore’s book, Feck Perfuction:

We are all born wildly creative. Some of us just forget.

As children we are completely free. We can draw and dream and invent imaginary worlds, even imaginary friends. This gift of creativity makes us powerful but also awkward, weird, and vulnerable.

At some point and for various reasons, our weirdness becomes less an asset than a target. We learn to hide our great goofy qualities in order to dodge criticism and assimilate. We choose not to stand out or act on our creativity. We take the accepted “adult” route, content to be paid for learning rote skills and showing up on time.

In this reality, choosing to accept our weirdness, invent our own future, and live a purpose-driven life becomes a dangerous idea. It’s dangerous because it lets the creative beast out of its cage and allows us to see what we are capable of without seeking permission or approval. Dangerous because it opens up the possibility that the life you’re living may not actually be yours, but a template assigned to you by scared and unimaginative people. These are dangerous ideas because they challenge your ego, your definition of “normal,“ your crappy job, and your comfort zone. These are dangerous ideas on creativity and life.

And if you are joining us for First Fridays @ The Waterside, guess what we’re going to be talking about at lunch…

Enjoy your day.