Choosing to rest in the unknown

We’ve been taught to fear the unknown – that it’s a scary place.

Yet, in reality, we live here daily while wearing lenses that give us a false sense of control.

And because of these ways of seeing, we assume we can live in a world of relative order, or at least minimal surprises at the micro-level.

However, this comes at a cost. A holding in and keeping in place that runs counter to our being living creatures in a living world.

So how can we rest here?

Perhaps it starts with acknowledging that the unknown might befriend us if we recognise it as space for possibility rather than scarcity.

And accepting that some questions don’t have to be answered right now.


Further thoughts…

Wait. Be passive for a while is a wonderfully honest reflection from my friend Amos Doornbos.

And a beautiful poem by Judy Sorum Brown:


Some time back,
the story-line
we had in mind
into some brambled place.

And we were left
beset by our anxieties
about where the path
had gone,
wondering with our feet,
as still we edged along
into foreign terrain
that has an odd appeal
as it turns out:

Unexpected joys,
created out of
mutual confusions;
and grievings shared and hidden,
creeping out of what
never came to be
that we had counted on;
strange stories
that we used
to guide us;

myths that promised
trails we never found;
and improvised stories
that grow out of the
gifts and tragedies
of a life
we never had expected.

+ Judy Sorum Brown, quoted in her video ‘Personal Strategies for Navigating Changing Times’ – via her home page