Observe. Isn’t that an interesting word? It’s more than the act of looking. To observe requires thought and engagement. Seeing and thinking. And we are changed in the act of observing.  Even if we think we are merely bystanders. Curious Carwyn – the observer being observed


Beautiful whole

Beauty is not singularIt doesn’t stand on its own.Beauty is inside and out, and beyond,Shaped through the rhythm of time and eternity.And appears in a moment,This delightful moment,In you.


Open to surprise

Being open to surprise. Do the possibilities excite you and you love the anticipation of the unexpected? The gift of delight. Or perhaps you go all out to uncover what might catch you off guard – in advance. Whose surprise is it anyway? Just wondering.


Where is wisdom?

Where do we look for wisdom? How do we recognise it? I suspect it doesn’t look like cleverness, but it’s certainly not stupid. Something to ponder, perhaps… O perpetual revolution of configured stars,O perpetual recurrence of determined seasons,O world of spring and autumn, birth and dying!The endless cycle of idea and action,Endless invention, endless experiment,Brings …

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